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Tuesday, July 9th 2007

Once again my vacation is over and the comic is updating. Hopefully I'll learn how to do profile drawings better than they're coming out. I'm quite dissapointed at how Gabriel and Dominic look in frames 2 and 3 xP


Tuesday, June 12th 2007

Today marks the 50th page of Tharan Fayth! From my last webcomic that only made it five pages due to a lack of will to continue, I must say I'm quite proud of myself. Enjoy the chibi-ness of the characters today, thank you to all my current readers and special thanks to those who have stuck around to comment. ^_^~


Friday, June 8th 2007

The library is finally updated with "Barrier of Sin" and two items in the Principles section. Also, expect a new page later tonight.


Friday, June 1st 2007

Aside from Comicgenesis screwing up again and not working, I have two important announcements. First, no page update today. Secondly, the schedule will temporarily be changed to a twice a week update~ A few reasons for this. With my full time work and fairly arduous commute I'm left exhausted. It takes me a very long time just to make one page. I've been finding myself with little time to do anything other than produce a comic during my free time :X And lastly, I'm leaving for Chile in two weeks for a small vacation. I don't want to leave the site without updates and with only two updates a week I'll be able to make a buffer. So, without further ado, you can find new pages every Tuesday and Friday~ Thank you and good night!


Thursday, May 31st 2007

Ah, have had quite the exhausting week at work. A note in advance to Keety and all you other readers who never vocalize a comment: the page for tomorrow, June 1st, will be late or simply postponed to Monday. I'll let you guys know by tomorrow evening.


Tuesday, May 22nd 2007

Still congested and miserable and tired. I'm taking a sick day for Wednesday's update so I can work on some fan art for Immel <3 Expect an update on Friday, though it may be later in the afternoon.


Friday, May 18th 2007

Phew! What a week! Got sick as hell today and almost didn't finish this one as well...but the plain backgrounds are due to me rushing this one. Hopefully I can finally get ahead this weekend so I don't have to torture myself after work during the week. Things to expect this weekend~ A forum and if there's time left, a cast page.


Monday, May 14th 2007

ALMOST didn't make this one in time. Now I'm going to be utterly exhausted for work today. You may notice a change in art style and overall anatomy of the characters. Don't expect that to go away, since I'm stretching my artistic license a bit =P Expect regular updates this week~


Wednesday, May 9th 2007

*spffffffffffffffffft* Ooooh, Melanie touched on something :O


Saturday, May 5th 2007

Done with school, one year to go! Futhermore, I've taken Immel's advice and started reworking quite a few of the beginning pages. Currently, I've done one, the intro page, which should be up now =D


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